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    • Job opportunities and salaries in the healthcare specialty of Echocardiography have been rising steadily over the last few years and the US Department of Labor predicts another 26% increase in the need for Echocardiographers by the year 2016. Cardiac Sonographers are ranked in the Top 10 Best Paid positions for associate degree careers. Further more, skilled Echo Techs enjoy a rewarding career that balances high-tech expertise with compassionate care of the individual.
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    Echo Techs’ Put the Heart in Cardiac Sonography!

    The need for professional Echocardiographers has seen a steady increase over the last several years. With a rapidly aging population and the high prevalence of heart disease in this group, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average increase in jobs in the Cardiac Imaging field and a highly favorable job market for well-trained echocardiographers for many years to come.

    Echocardiographer.net is the one place you’ll find everything about the field of echocardiography. Find out about Cardiac Sonography jobs, trends in Echo Tech job salaries; practical answers to questions about a hands-on profession that allows you to combine high-tech training with the rewards of direct patient contact. We have the most recent data on what states are hottest for Echocardiographer jobs and what skills and training are necessary to succeed in the field.


    Echocardiography job opportunities continue on an exciting upward trend and we will share with our readers which regions need Cardiac Ultrasound Technicians the most and which major cities pay the best salaries. Requirements are changing and the American Society of Echocardiography predicts that certification or registry will be required for all Echo Tech jobs in the near future. Most major health facilities already either require or prefer Registered Echocardiographers with advanced training, and the quality educational programs include internships that provide the valuable clinical experience employers are looking for.

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